Social Ethical Economy 2.0

Designed for the Benefit of WHOLE SOCIETY

We are a Financial Franchise and Payment System

Based on the Principles of the Economy for the Mutual Welfare and the Circular Education

An Innovative Payment System

Mutual Benefit Payment (MBP®) is a fast and secure payment processing compared to traditional payment systems

We have our own EMV platform (chip card)

Customizable design, trade mark and user photo on the card

Merchants can use a traditional size terminal (POS)

or one attached to a smartphone

For physical and online payments anywhere in the world

Point of Sale Last Generation

Large Touch Screen for Easy Reading

Fully Customizable Merchant Brand

Data transmitted over WiFi, 3G / 4G network

with Innovative Features, such as Differentiated Consumption and Differentiated Payment


Social Ethical Economy

Ethical Banking 1.0 distributes its profits to its shareholders

Social Ethical Economy 2.0 goes beyond

Distributes its profits among all participants involved in the process of financial intermediation

Social Ethical Economy

Physical and Virtual

the confidence of being able to be attended physically


banking experience

Autonomy and Control

of the financial system of payments

Financial Data

belongs only to the user

Unified Experience

web, smartphones and tablets

General Benefits

Distribution of profits among all participants.
Strengthening local economies but with a global and integrated vision.
Unforced Promotion of the Economy for the Mutual Welfare.
Promotion and Support to the Circular Education
Technology Platform at very low cost

We are the new economic model that society is waiting for

The new paradigm of finance and payments in the Age of knowledge.

We are also a Payment Platform white label

We allow financial organizations to use our platform while maintaining their image, and their particular way of doing finance.

Benefits by Sector

Citizens: deriving income from the payment system.
Merchants: convert the current lost of the payment system in a new profit.
Enterprises: deriving income from the payment system. They promote their brand through the issuance of personalized cards. They have a universal platform interconnected payments.
Mayors: participate in the decision to the allocation of economic benefits. Strengthen its role as a center of contact for all actors in society.
Civil Organizations: have a significant income from the payment system and grant for its activities of social and ecological impact.
Financial Institutions: universal platform with all the new features and at very low cost.

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