SBM Bank

¿What is SBM®?

SBM® is a financial franchise that implements a system of payment by debit and credit cards in physical and electronic transactions, oriented to human welfare, which promotes personal economic progress along with the values of mutual benefit in society, and operating under the principles of Economy for the Common Good and Circular Education.


SBM® is a payment system that is compatible platforms Visa® and Master Card®, which incorporates innovative technologies that facilitate and secure financial intermediation, using a commercial, cost-effective system for social purposes: social ethical banking 2.0.


is dedicated to provide citizens, businesses, NGOs and government entities, cards and terminals that allow them to perform purchase transactions and usual outlets, but whose profits are devoted to mutual welfare, looking for a financial model where all participants are benefiting (economy for the common good).

In addition SBM® provides important operational innovation, total transparency of its operations, as well as a number of management indicators (in real time) to facilitate monitoring by the regulator.

Technological and Operational Platform

The technology now allows us to leverage the increased processing power of the computer hardware. To this is added a low-cost telecommunications infrastructure through the Internet. There is a wide range of tools for the rapid development of software and a wide range of software houses in the banking area. All this gives us the opportunity dedesarrollar our platform more quickly and at a cost that was unthinkable ten years ago.

We have carefully selected our technology partners among service companies that offer functionality that requires our ethical social banking 2.0.

We can go to market faster because, thanks to all the advantages of this technological time, we must not start from scratch. Among other advantages, we have our own EMV (chip payment) as a platform.

Mission and vision


Values of honesty, family and social solidarity, mutual responsibility, common effort, partnership, profit sharing, which are basic components of social capital in an economy for the common good.

SBM® is designed to transfer economic benefit to society and not for the exclusive benefit of our shareholders. It is designed to promote ideas and social entrepreneurship, in each of the locations where our company has activity.


Being the micro global social bank par excellence, which distributes its profits for the benefit mutuom thanks to our rapid expansion by partnering with local organizations that share our mission.