“We base our principles on the Circular Capitalism and Circular Education

SBM Pagos Principles

Fundamental Laws of Economics

The real economy, has two laws, study and learn allows us to understand the economy to achieve the efficiency we want, avoiding basic mistakes due to ignorance.

Circular Education

Know the 10 principles of the New Circular Education, which form the heart of SBM Bank and our book “Mutual Welfare Society“.

Circular Capitalism

Local Ethical

We follow the laws, traditions and values that shape the identity of each locality.

We do not use Tax Havens

SBM Bank in its internal operation does not use accounting techniques to evade taxes, that is, not use tax havens for accounting. Making note that SBM Bank does not require companies to integrate our platform, matching this principle, as this is part of a free and conscious decision of each company.

Our Book

Welfare Mutual Society is an innovative social, economic and holistic model to bring the human being to its next evolutionary step.

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